Leprechaun’s Lair

Leprechaun's Lair

You and a group of comrades have set out on an adventure to surpass all adventures—you’ve explored the Green Isle and found the end of the rainbow.

As you approach the location you are startled by a leprechaun named Patty O’ Leary. He’s shown you to a mysterious wardrobe and offered you up this challenge: Enter the doors and be shrunk down to size to explore his house. Find the seven lucky charms in one hour and the gold is yours; but, if you can’t then you belong to Patty forever.

BEWARE many have tried but none have succeeded!


All Ages

2-8 players

60 minutes

Puzzle Room

Test your skills. Use your creativity. Good Luck!

Looking For Something Fun in Folsom?

Exodus Escape Adventures is an escape room venue based in Folsom California, located next next to the corner of E. Bidwell and Riley St. Centrally located, we are right beside the DMV. We currently offer an immersive escape experience with another theme game in the works for this location. We strive to build exciting games for groups of players to have fun and learn about history at the same time.