• 5 star ratingWow! Such a FUN exciting experience to solve puzzles and work together as a group. The pirate room was so fun! We had a party of four. The room was a bit small in the different sections to explore to find clues. The host Rocky was spot on and made it e tra fun and spirited! This was my first escape room along with two others in my group. I'm hooked!
    Thank you Rocky for a great time and first time experience.

    Rochelle D. Avatar
    Rochelle D.
  • 5 star ratingSuch a great experience!! By far my favorite escape room in the area! The staff is super friendly and the rooms have a great true story behind each of them!! Definitely recommend this place!

    Christian T. Avatar
    Christian T.
  • 5 star ratingI've played well over 150 escape rooms and their Pirate themed room here is epic!!! You can't miss this amazing Pirate adventure. The set design here is phenomenal. You'll be experiencing an adventure in ways that other local escape rooms just don't offer. I brought my friend who had never played an escape room before, and he caught the bug and we can't wait until they open their new room so we can go back and check out what other amazing things they can create. Our game master was really fun and the backstory was very well themed too. A good time was had by all.

    Janell W. Avatar
    Janell W.
  • 4 star ratingMy experience wasn't greatest but the owner quickly reached out to me and generously offered to help make sure I have a better experience next time. It is certainly much appreciated and the customer service definitely made our day much better. Thanks a lot guys!

    EscapeRoom D. Avatar
    EscapeRoom D.
  • 5 star ratingI would highly recommend! The experience is fully immersive and the attention to detail unmatched. You will not find predictable puzzles here. They are unique to the room and truly devised by the game-makers themselves. Their service was friendly, engaging, and has been above-and-beyond what I would expect from a business. Dress comfortably, prepare to reach, crawl, and maybe get a little wet! Prepare to be fully transported into the scenario like a real pirate! Arrrrrr!!!!

    Jeni H. Avatar
    Jeni H.
  • 5 star ratingThis escape room was SO MUCH FUN, and I left immediately wanting to do another room.

    First, I absolutely loved that it was based on a true story! I'm not into the horror escape rooms so this was right up my alley. I was able to learn some super interesting history and have fun. The intro video is important for the room so make sure you pay attention to it. We were kinda watching the group after us and noticed they weren't paying close attention... I bet they didn't escape. Lol!

    Second, I thought it was soooo well put together. Everything looked very professional, and not shoddy. The whole ambiance of it felt like you were really on a pirate ship... especially exploring all the rooms of the ship!  It got a little tight at points especially if you have a large group, but it still felt big. Also the light props were fun and challenging at times too.

    Third the puzzles were challenging, but still varied in difficulty, which I thought was great. Our teenage nephews came so they could work on some puzzles that were more challenging for them.  We did have to ask for some clues so we weren't super escapers, but we did escape the room! Yay!!!

    Overall I loved it, and I cannot wait for them to open their next room! Hurry Rocky! Finish the next rooms quick!!!!

    Ashley E. Avatar
    Ashley E.
  • 5 star ratingWe were very impressed with this escape room! The scene was elaborate, and you even board a boat. The puzzles are challenging and fun. We brought some of our kids ages 14 & 12, and they loved it as well. We would definitely recommend this escape room. We all had a great time, and yes, we did escape!!

    Spring A. Avatar
    Spring A.
  • 5 star ratingThis was great! We had so much fun! The staff was awesome and the room was well done. Definitely worth the drive! It was also one of the kids' birthday and the owner even handed him a gift! If you love Escape Rooms as much as we do this is definitely a must go!

    Sylvia M. Avatar
    Sylvia M.
  • 5 star ratingOh my word! I went here for my bachelorette party and my goodness it was amazing!! The detail in the room was beyond what I imagined. You definitely feel immersed in the story!! You have to check this place out. Plus the couple who owns the escape room are super sweet! I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and exciting escape room.

    Allie L. Avatar
    Allie L.
  • 5 star ratingIf you are looking for a unique room, this is a great spot. Nice story line intro and a nice greeting to start the game. Challenging for sure but I had fun

    Joe B. Avatar
    Joe B.
  • 5 star ratingI had never been to an escape room, the word escape kind of made me nervous.
    We had so much fun! I love that the back story is based on real life. What a great experience. I can't wait for their second room to be built out!

    Megan S. Avatar
    Megan S.
  • 5 star ratingI gotta say, this company did a stellar job!  That was a great room.  Quality was stellar!  The puzzles were original and very intricate.  Experience was emmersive.  Difficulty was on the challenging side which was a plus for me.  
    Took my wife, 9 year old son, and brother and they loved it.

    The scene is set wonderfully and their use of the space is great.  I especially liked that there was a physical and dexterity aspect to this room.  Overall, this is in my top favorites of escape rooms.

    Dustin H. Avatar
    Dustin H.
  • 5 star ratingI've done other impressive escape rooms locally at Escape Sacramento and Enchambered, but Pirate's Revenge at Exodus Escape Adventures is the one I'll be recommending as the best around.

    The atmosphere and overall design of the room put it in a category of its own. The flash-lit pictures on their website really don't do the space justice. When our team was escorted through the door by the owner, costumed and enthusiastically in-character, we were no longer next door to Dimple Records in Folsom. We were holding gently glowing lanterns on a dock in 1800s London, about to figure out how to sneak onboard a highly convincing pirate ship. I wasn't sure how the room was going to simulate the water below the dock, but I certainly didn't expect there would be actual water down there.

    There's real water. Wet water. Water that's actually involved in a couple of the puzzles.

    The puzzles are clever and well integrated with the theme. They progressively open up several new and surprising parts of the room. The medium difficulty setting together with well-timed hints was just right for our small group of three; we escaped with only a couple of minutes to spare.

    The puzzles at Enchambered rely on some impressive tech. That's not the strategy that Exodus Escape Adventures uses in Pirate's Revenge. I'd describe this is a low-tech, beautifully constructed room. The lack of fancy tech honestly is not a problem here--just a different style.

    I really appreciated that Exodus Escape Adventures chose a family-friendly, positive theme for their first room. There are a lot of rooms around that are spooky, gruesome, or task players with doing things that they'd probably have ethical objections to in real life. That's not everyone's cup of tea, or at least will prevent some players from wanting to bring their kids along. Pirate's Revenge is based on the life of an admirable historical figure. Players learn quite a lot about him and then, within the fictional world of the room, help him to recover his stolen treasure so that he can use it to do what he actually did in real-life: help abolish the slave trade in the British Empire. Our group felt pretty great after an hour of pretending to do that.

    It looks like their next room will be based on another admirable historical figure. We'll be back when it's completed. I expect we'll learn a lot, have a blast completing the room, and again leave feeling like heroes.

    Caleb R. Avatar
    Caleb R.
  • 5 star ratingMy daughter's bachelorette party was held here and the girls had a blast!  It was easy to book and the seven girls said it was the best escape room they had ever experienced!  All the details were great!  They loved all the challenges!  Thanks so much for making this a night they will all remember!

    Amy B. Avatar
    Amy B.
  • 5 star ratingThe second time around was just as fun! We found more clues this time but were stumped on the very last part of the puzzle and therefore didn't finish in time. It turned out to be quite easy once you know what to look for. Nonetheless, it was GREAT! Can't wait for the next adventure!

    Tammy B. Avatar
    Tammy B.